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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I'm so BAD!!

Right hand up I confess I am a useless blogger! I have had a lot going on the last wee while but it's no excuse for not updating this blog. I promise I will try harder in future.

The reason I haven't been around is my mum has been ill, not going to go in to all the details but it's been a really tough few weeks. Hoping the next few will be better. Also my CFS/ME has been really bad so have been sleeping sooooooo much.

On a positive note though have done a fair bit of crafting, took my stash to my mums and this kept me busy while she was asleep. Here is some of what what I've been making

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maggieb said...

Thats lovley stuff you have made tracey. I hope your mum is feeling better now. I'm still just making the odd card when needed i just cant get into it for some reason. Hope you are feeling better not long now till we go to florida. I found a good site for florida it's a forum & i have found it very helpfull.
Take care