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Friday, January 05, 2007

Hi everyone in blogland. How is everyone? Back to reality, work, school etc... don't have that problem for a while, I'm signed off till 18th and then will see if I am any better, I do hope so, am itching to get back to work and normality, but know I just can't cope with it yet , do you think perhaps they could build in a couple of sleeps throughout the day to keep me going.
Am really really excited as we booked our holiday to Florida tonight this will be our first time and I am more excited than the kids (how sad is that) . We fly out on the 15th of October so that's 282 days!!
Have been sorting through photos that I want to scrap tonight, so am now scanning them in and printing them off it's a nightmare job, takes absolutely ages, but will be worth it ( just keep telling myself that as I load another one in the scanner!!).
We have also started on one of our new year resolutions tonight, 1st one is too get back in touch with friends we haven't seen for a while. Was lovely chatting to them tonight,and we have arranged to meet up soon, which will be lovely. Still got a few more to contact, so plan to do this by next week. There is also a get together with my crafty mates on the card soon which will be great, Seems like an age since we last saw each other. It's amazing how time passes and before you know it, you haven't seen people for months, no more though, this year will be differrent
Next I'm going to get back on my diet. Was going to leave this till I was better but have decided I'm starting next week. I lost 3 1/2 stone last year but think I have put a bit back on while I have been ill, just due to lack of exercise, sitting around the house all day exhausted and not adjusting my eating. This want to reach my goal before I go to Florida.
Final resolution is to spend more quality time with the kids. We have decided to take a little step back from running the football teams, although we will still oversee everything, we are going to delegate more. Think it put it in perspective when out of 130 odd kids we only received Xmas cards from 4 felt a bit unappreciated , not that we do it for praise but a thank you is always nice, especially for all the hard work we put in, and the time we have to give up that we could be spending as a family!
So 2007 is looking more positive and I'm feeling much more like the old me. This horrible Illness is not getting me down anymore, mind over matter and all that!!!


Sue said...

October is THE best time to go to FLORIDA!!! I have all the crafty details you will need...give me a yell

Rhi said...

Wow Florida sounds fantabulous, no wonder you've counted the sleeps! Hope you're fighting fit soon and I really can't wait to meet up.

Take care
Rhi xxx

Kathy said...

Wow, how organised are you? We've mentioned the "holiday" word and the "must get organised" phrase, but that's about as far as we've got. Mind you, each year the same thing happens. Will this be the year we finally do get ourselves organised? I'll let you know....

Tracey, it's a lot of hard work running stuff for the benefit of other people and you're right about just needing to know it's appreciated - Sadly it's often the case that people will just stand by and keep taking and taking without giving a thought to just saying the 2 words that make it feel worth the effort.
Maybe this year should be the one where you take a big step back from the madness and make time for yourselves, as you said.

Rachel said...

Happy New Year Hun!!!

OMG lucky you going to Florida - bet you cant wait

Hope 2007 is a better year for you

love to you all xxxxxxxxx

Jo said...

Florida sounds fantastic!! I hope that 2007 is a happy year for you

jo xx

LisaBabe said...

Lucky you going on hols Tracey. I think this is the year to take a step back from the footie team, after all you've been unwell and don't want to get burn out.


Paula said...

Hey Tracey, I hope you feel better real soon.
This is cetainly the worst time of the year to be poorly. All this damp & darkness is bad for the soul.
My lower vertebrae (can't spell) are fusing & the pain is so bad & I swear it is worse now it is wet & dark!!!