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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sleep Won't Come!

Ahhhhh going mad. feeling really grotty and sore but sleep seems to be alluding me!. have had to get up as hubby has work in a few hours and I keep waking him up. I'm definitely blaming these new tablets. If they are not making me itch they are making me a bit dizzy and hyper, but they do take away the pain so whats a girl to do. Think I will ask the doc for an alternative when I see him this week, during my weekly outing, yep for the last 4 weeks the only place I've been apart from one night is to see my doctor. Keep hoping I'll feel better but just keep feeling worse. It's so sad. Anyway one good thing came out of not sleeping I managed to do another scrapbook LO for Poppys book, don't really like it that much but hey its a page. Have a lookie here

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Rhi said...

Aww Tracey, you're really having a tough time of it hun :( Sending you a big cyber hug (((Tracey)))
Love Rhi xxx