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Friday, December 01, 2006

Need a whinge!!

Well energy has well and truly deserted, have spent today sleeping on and off. Hubby came in at 4pm with a rush card order from a boy at his work. Wanted to say no but the guy is a really good customer, so had to do it. Stew was like just
throw something together but after I glared at him and explained that the guy wouldn't be a customer for long if I did that I think he got the message! I've got the doctors in the morning so really hoping he can change my painkillers as the ones I'm on are really making me itch badly. Also don't know if it's related but my feet have swollen up to about double the size, so will be interesting trying to find shoes to wear. Maybe I can just go in my slippers. lol

I'm feeling really anxious tonight too. Stewart goes in for his operation tomorrow and, people keep reassuring me he'll be fine but I just can't stop worrying, and he doesn't help by making jokes like IF i come home we will ...... and you do know what I want played at my funeral. I know it's his way of stopping himself worrying but it just makes me worse. So will be a bit on tender hooks tomorrow. Will have to make stuff to keep my mind occupied.
Feel like this has been a real whinge (sorry) hopefully be much more upbeat after tomorrow is over and done with and stew is home safe and sound


maggie said...

Aw Tracey Hope all goes well wth Stewarts op you cant help but worry i know i would if it was me.Hope you get things sorted out at the doctors.Take things easy & take care ((((((((HUG))))))))

Dollydimps said...

Hopefully by now Stewart's op is all over and done with and he's annoying the life out of you ;)
Sending you lots of love